Virgin Australia Applies For Haneda Slots


The none too shocking news broke today that Qantas have applied for the two available slots at Haneda (Japan) with plans to run daytime flights between Sydney and Haneda and Melbourne and Haneda.

What is a surprise is that Virgin Australia is also putting its hand up for a slot.

In an internal memo you can see here, Virgin CEO Paul Scurrah says they are applying for one of the two available slots.

Paul Scurrah says that allowing more competition onto the route will be good for consumers – fair point. He also goes onto say that he believes Haneda will be a good fit for the new reviewed Virgin Australia. He calls it the “right decision”.

Paul Scurrah notes that the International Air Services Commission are reviewing applications and a decision is due by the end of October 2019.

Many thought the two available slots were a walk up start for Qantas. Certainly, the media stories breaking today suggest Qantas is all but selling tickets on their proposed flights. But you’d have to think that Virgin Australia’s application will be reviewed favourably.

After all, fair’s fair. Both of Australia’s international airlines should get a slot each. It’s up to them to make it work.


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