Alliance Airlines Gets On The Community Fares Bandwagon


Alliance Airlines is getting on the discounted regional airfares bandwagon, albeit on a more limited basis than either Qantas or Regional Express.

Alliance Airlines is trialling a regional fare between Brisbane and Gladstone. Alliance Airlines operates flights to the port town on behalf of Virgin Australia.

It is 500 kilometres, or one hour’s flying time, between Brisbane and Gladstone.

The good news is that the flights are only AUD$99 – on par with many of Regional Express’ shorter community fares and significantly cheaper than Qantas’ community fares. To be fair to Qantas, many of their community fare sectors cover significantly longer distances.

The bad news it is a trial. Tickets will be on sale for travel up until October 31, 2019. Secondly, the fare only covers a limited number of flights. It covers VA2900 and VA2904 which depart from Gladstone on Mondays, VA2900 which departs Gladstone on Tuesdays, VA2901 and VA2905 which depart Brisbane on Thursdays, and VA2901 which departs Brisbane on Fridays.

The fare is aimed at Gladstone residents with weekday business in Queensland’s capital rather than FIFO workers and Brisbane professionals with business in Gladstone.

Alliance says the popularity of the discounted fare, or its lack thereof, will determine whether it continues past the end of October


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