Citilink’s Perth Flights Delayed Until 2020


Citilink’s Perth flights seem to have been put on the backburner.

Last month there was a flurry of publicity concerning the Indonesian low cost carrier starting up flights between Denpasar and Perth. It got mentioned on Oz Traveller, numerous Australian sites and even some international sites.

Whilst there was a flight schedule, there was a lack of a firm start date from Citilink other than “late October” and this was reflected in the various news stories. Also, Perth Airport, never shy to trumpet a new customer, issued no statements. Oz Traveller was aware of this but Citilink seemed confident, so the story got a run.

But Airline Ratings is now reporting that Citilink have blocked bookings for the flights on its website.

When originally writing the story, flights were yet to be added to Citilink’s booking engine. Airline Ratings says they went up in mid August but after a week were blocked. Every seat is “full.”

They cite an “insider” saying flights may not start until next year. But like the proposed start up date, solid information is hard to find.

We’ll keep you posted on developments.


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