Rumour American Airlines To Fly Dallas – Melbourne In 2020


Six weeks ago, Qantas sent its frequent flyers and various fanboys and cheergirls into a buzz by announcing they were going to make a big announcement – which turned out to be the expected Chicago flights.

Oneworld partner, codeshare buddy and current North American bestie, American Airlines, has taken a leaf from the Qantas playbook and did the same thing last week, sending AA fans (apparently there are some) into a speculative meltdown.

American Airlines then announced a series of summer 2020 flights to new European and North African destinations.

What they didn’t do was announce new flights across the Pacific towards Asia and the South West Pacific. According to American, they are coming but they are not quite ready to make the announcements yet – still waiting for government approvals?

On the cards are flights to Bangkok and Haneda.

And what’s really interesting is the rumour of American Airlines starting Dallas-Melbourne flights.

Here’s three interesting points that gives this rumour some legs. 

Firstly, the route would tie in nicely with AA’s new transpacific codeshare agreement with Qantas who already fly Dallas-Sydney.

Secondly, American Airlines has 22 Boeing 787-9s with 25 more on order. The 787-9 has a maximum flying distance of 15,700 kilometres. These aircraft have the staying power to fly the 14,480 kilometres between Dallas and Melbourne

Thirdly, if you check the AA website for award flights on certain dates in March 2020, you get a message saying the route is pending government approval.

American isn’t the greatest airline in the world, or even the greatest airline in America, but more choice and more capacity across the Pacific is always to be encouraged. It will be interesting to see what eventuates.


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