Queenstown Airport Installing Self Serve Check-In Kiosks


Common user self serve check-in kiosks at Queenstown Airport are expected to fully operational by October 1, 2019, according to airport management.

The busy regional airport on New Zealand’s South Island is experiencing growing pains and looking for ways to alleviate congestion and improve the passenger experience at the airport.

Currently some 2.14 million passengers move through the airport annually and there are in excess of 1,600 aircraft movements each month.

To this end, the airport is working on a multi million dollar program over several years to develop the terminal in order to accommodate growing passenger numbers.

Installing the 15 check-in kiosks throughout September is one of the early steps in this program. The kiosks are expected to be fully operational by October 1 and will be shared between Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia. The airport hopes this will reduce check in times and make moving through the airport a more pleasant experience.

By the time the full program is completed, the airport expects to have eight extra boarding gates, twelve new counters, and an efficient two step self self bag drop process which Queenstown Airport says could reduce passenger congestion by up to 60%

The self serve check in kiosks and bag drops have been developed by Melbourne based Elenium. They claim their system can read a bag tag in 70 milliseconds in 97% of all bag drop situations, regardless of where the tag is on a bag. Elenium says their tag reading technology is the world’s best and cuts out the need for passengers having to twist their tags around in order for it to be scanned.

While the self serve check in kiosks will be up and running soon, other improvements are expected to be fully rolled out by 2022. 


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