Express Path Departures Re-Opens At Sydney’s International Terminal Next Week


High status frequent flyers and folks with tickets to the good seats will be cheering the news that the Express Path at Sydney International Airport will re-open next week.

First class, business class, and high status frequent flyers have usually had access to an Express Path when passing through security and passport control when leaving Sydney.

But due to construction work the Express Path has been closed since earlier this year. Platinum grade passengers and first class travellers have had to queue with Jetstar passengers when passing through security and passport control at Sydney.

It was very democratic but oil and water don’t mix. It is believed that the Jetstar passengers will be as relieved as the traditional Express Path passengers that Express Path is re-opening next week. Jetstar passengers are used to queueing but the interlopers in their Prada loafers were blowing out queue times and complaining in weird Mosman accents.

But come next week, eligible travellers will be handed Express Path cards to enable their speedy transit to the nearest airside lounge.

Good news for all.


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