Japanese Carriers Shakeout Their Sydney Flights

The shakeout of Australia – Japan flights continues. Yesterday, both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways announced changes to their Sydney bound flights. This comes after both Japanese and Australian airlines received extra slot pairs at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport for services between Japan and Australia.

Japan Airlines is switching its daily Sydney service from Narita to Haneda Airport effective 29 March 2020. That’s not the only international service Japan Airlines is switching to Haneda. The airport will see thirty-four new Japan Airlines international routes start-up in 2020.

Japan Airlines’ Sydney bound flight is a daytime flight whilst the return service to Narita travels overnight. The timings will remain the same when the flights switch to Narita. So now we know what Japan Airlines is doing with their Haneda slot allocated to Australian flights.

Competitor All Nippon Airways is going to offer double daily flights between Haneda and Sydney come March 2020. There will be daylight and overnight flights in each direction. All Nippon Airways hasn’t been more specific than that but plan to start taking reservations in mid December 2019.

All Nippon Airways currently has a daily 787-9 service to Sydney with overnight travel in both directions.

The changes will see daily flights between Sydney and Tokyo increase from three services to five. That’s a lot of extra capacity which should put some downward price pressure on fares – a win for passengers. Right now Qantas, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines each have daily services between Sydney and Tokyo.

This is a big show of faith in the Sydney market and its ability to absorb the extra seats. The loser thus far appears to be Melbourne which is yet to pick up an extra service to Japan. Both Qantas and Japan Airlines have a daily service from Melbourne to Narita. However, Qantas has not said what it is doing with its extra slot at Haneda. Given all the extra seats that are about to hit the Sydney market,  Melbourne might see its Qantas Narita flight become a Haneda bound service.


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