Design Concepts For New Western Sydney Airport

Western Sydney Airport out at Badgery’s Creek some 50 kilometres west of Sydney’s downtown has been a long time in the making. It has been proposed and talked about and kicked around since Adam was a boy. But construction is finally underway. By 2026 the airport should be up and running and able to handle 10 million passengers annually.

Whether the passengers and planes can be dislodged from the primary Sydney airport is another matter entirely. The population in the western Sydney area is expected to reach 3 million by 2036 so it might work.

Thus far the embryonic airport does have a nice website and a slick PR machine. They’ve just released the initial design concepts for the terminal precinct. The architects are Zaha Hadid Architects and Cox Architecture.

The terminal design includes landscaped gardens with a “grand public plaza” alongside the airport terminal staples of retail, food, and entertainment. Inside the curvature of the soaring timber ceilings will “help guide (passengers) through the building. That’s just what everybody needs – more people in airport terminals not looking where they’re walking!

There’s no mention of prosaic details like the amount of check in desks, luggage belts, gates, seating space, showers, lockers, lounges or toilets. Right now its all about the “stunning vertical gardens.” The airport says they will “drill down” into the boring bits like this as the designs unfold.

Anyhow, enjoy the first design concepts.


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