Finnair And Fiji Airways To Codeshare Between Nadi And Helsinki

Oneworld member Finnair and Oneworld Connect member Fiji Airways have just joined forces to offer a seamless one stop connection between Helsinki and Nadi.

There are no nonstop services between Fiji and Europe, but this new joint venture will allow passengers to make the entire trip on either a Finnair (AY) flight number or a Fiji Airways (FJ) flight number. This has clear benefits for members of either airline’s respective frequent flyer programs. 

Finnair can funnel its passengers onto Fiji Airways flights with AY flight numbers at Hong Kong and Singapore. Fiji Airways can funnel its passengers onto a Finnair flight with an FJ flight number at Singapore.

Getting to Helsinki on FJ flight numbers

Passengers departing Fiji on Fiji Airways flight numbers will travel on a Fiji Airways A330-200 to Singapore, arriving early evening. After a five hour stop over, there is a pre-midnight departure on a Finnair A350-900 operating as FJ5985. Travel time is just over 28 hours.

Returning from Helsinki, the midnight departure on a Finnair A350-900 operates as FJ5984. The 11 hour flight arrives into Singapore just before dinner the following day. The wait time for the Fiji Airways A330 to Nadi is just shy of four hours. The mid evening departure arrives into Nadi at lunchtime the following day.

These flights operate twice a week. Through flights to Helsinki depart Nadi on Saturdays and Mondays. The through flights to Nadi depart Helsinki on Fridays and Sundays.

Getting to Nadi on AY flight numbers

The same flights via Singapore can also be done on AY flight numbers. Heading towards Helsinki, Fiji Airways’ Singapore flight operates as AY3104. The Finnair flight between Singapore and Helsinki is AY132.

Heading towards Fiji, Finnair’s Singapore flight is AY099 and the connecting Fiji Airways Nadi bound flight operates as AY3101.

Finnair is also able to apply its flight numbers to Fiji Airways flights from Hong Kong.

The flights via Hong Kong operate three times a week. The flights depart Nadi on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays after breakfast for a mid afternoon arrival on Hong Kong. The Fiji Airways A330-200 operates as AY3102. There is a 9 hour transit in Hong Kong before a midnight departure on Finnair’s AY100 operated by an A350-900.

Returning to Nadi via Hong Kong, Finnair’s A350-900 operating as AY099 departs Helsinki at midnight for a mid afternoon arrival into Hong Kong the following day. After a short one hour stopover, the Fiji AIrways A330-200 operating as AY3101 flies through the night to land in Nadi the next morning in time for breakfast.

Pending approval from regulatory authorities, Finnair plans to add its flight numbers to Fiji Airways’ flights between Nadi and Los Angeles and Nadi and San Francisco. This will allow Finnair passengers to travel around the world via Finnair, Fiji Airways, and AA using Finnair flight numbers all the way around.

The takeout

While Finnair seems to gain the most advantages from this new joint venture with Fiji Airways, the win for Fiji Airways passengers is the flight to Europe via Singapore on FJ flight numbers all the way through. It is a long haul but given Fiji is about as far as you can get from Europe and there are no nonstop flights on the horizon, travel times are unlikely to reduce in the foreseeable future.

The new codeshare arrangements between Fiji Airways and Finnair commences on October 27, 2019.


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